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Level 10 Skill Resume

Vault: Yurchenko layout full

Training: Yurchenko one and a half

Bars: kip – cast handstand – blind 1/2 – pike Jaeger – kip – cast handstand – bail handstand – toe up – kip – cast handstand – blind 1/2 – front giant – pirouette – double tuck dismount

Training: blind – double front dismount

Beam: back handspring layout; gainer layout step-out; front toss – split jump; switch leap – split half; full turn; split half; round off 1 and a 1/2 dismount

Training: font aerial, round off double twist dismount, switch half – back tuck

1st pass: round off back handspring double pike
2nd pass: Rudi – straddle jump
3rd pass: front full punch front layout
Dance combination: switch ring, switch half, 1 1/2 turn

Training: double layout, front double full – front tuck